Project Water

After watching some YouTube tutorials about the photography of water drops, I decided to uses a very basic setup for taking pictures. I placed a water glass in the sink of the bathroom and let the tap drop slowly. To avoid a certain bathroom look, I reduced the light in the room and additionally placed a black board behind the glass. The photos were taken with my Canon EOS 600D equipped with a Canon EF 100 mm 1:2.8 IS USM macro lens using the systemic flash.The challenge was to find the right moment for taking a picture. For a better set up I used a tripod and a remote control. After taking about 200 pictures the post processing was done in Lightroom. I was surprised by the colorful light reflections of the surface of the water, which could be enhanced by the processing in Lightroom. In addition, I tried to give the pictures a glass-like appearance. With regard to the simple set-up, I was satisfied with the result. However, to achive more high-end like pictures shown by some tutorials in the net, I like to run an additional approach with a more sophisticated set-up.

Kameramodell Canon EOS 600D; Aufnahmedatum/-zeit 30.12.2015/ 13:35:38; Tv(Verschlusszeit) 1/250; Av(Blendenzahl) 10; Filmempfindlichkeit (ISO) 100; Objektiv EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM; Brennweite 100.0mm; Bildgröße 5184x3456; Bildqualität RAW.