Projekt Fishtank

My interest in aquaristics was triggered early by an aquarium which got my brother to Christmas. Like every educational household with two teachers as parents, we were supplied with numerous books about the topic. After intensive reading, we knew all the local fish species as well as some from exotic regions, of which we dreamed to have them in our tank. In reality, the tank was populated with the common fishes from the local vendor.

Years later, I got my own aquarium where I breaded some perches. Subsequently, the adult animals were traded off for fish food at the local animal trader. After a pause of 35 years, I was again interested in aquaristics. First, a saltwater aquarium was in the focus. After reading the relevant literature I was questioning the sustainability of such an approach. As a scuba diver, I saw live how fascinating an intact reef could be. Thus, I decided to spend more time on the art of aqua scaping. The main objective is to create underwater landscapes, which are on the one hand realistic copies from nature and on the other hand have an aesthetic appearance. I was more and more addicted to the topic, also by reading the book "Aquascaping - Aquarienlandschaften gestalten" by Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup (ISBN 978-3-8338-2411-1). I started with a 50 l so-called “Scapers Tank”, which was decorated accordingly. The technique was expanded by an LED light and a powerful filter. I was pleased with the result, which is shown in the following picture. In addition, I took some pictures of the inhabitants, whereby a nice macro photo of a red fire shrimp resulted. However, it was impossible to take accurate photos from the fishes, because their movement was too fast for the focus of my Canon EOS 600D.


Kameramodell: Canon EOS 600D; Aufnahmedatum/-zeit: 19.04.2015/ 14:29:24; Tv(Verschlusszeit): 1/100; Av(Blendenzahl): 4; Filmempfindlichkeit (ISO): 100; Objektiv: EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM; Brennweite: 100.0mm; Bildgröße: 5184x3456; Bildqualität: RAW.